Everyone calls me Lita, and welcome to my book blog. Hope you enjoy!

I am from a small town in Texas, and I am a college student. I love Pocky, Crown The Empire, Issues, TAEYANG, EXO-K, Manga&Anime, and I obviously LOVE reading!. I'll read anything to be honest, it just has to keep me interested.
However, I do particularly stay near the Romance genre, because what girl does not love a good love story?! And guys, too, if they're out there.

I am a NetGalley & Edelweiss member.

Ask me anything, I'd really like to interact with y'all!.

Also, if you want me to do a certain kind of post or just wanna say 'hi', contact me there on the side bar and type away.

Oh! Excuse my expression, I was in a major book hangover, you understand, right?. haha

-Happy Reading!

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