Monday, August 4, 2014

Book Haul #1: July 2014

July 2014 Book Haul

Hey you guys!.

I thought it'd be cool if I did a book haul.

In the very beginning of me starting this blog, I had done a Transformation Tuesday of my bookshelf. I didn't quite go into specifics, I basically just went by shelves and genres. So, I thought it would be sensible enough to show the books I got after I took those shots because I have a few that I still haven't mentioned. If you can already guess, I didn't receive them in the mail (which is what I've been posting about lately). I'm pretty sure I got them in July, so if you notice that it was already in my previous post, please let me know. Thanks.

Goodreads Giveaway:
You Can Love Again by Jan Haldane
Personal by Lee Child

Barnes & Noble:
Me And The Devil by Nick Tosches
The Inn at Rose Harbor by Debbie Macomber
Rain by Amanda Sun

The End of Innocence by Allegra Jordan

The Stone Girl by Alyssa B. Sheinmel

The only one up for a near-future review is The End of Innocence because I received the ARC from Sourcebooks Landmark in exchange for one, so stay tuned for that. I have a previous post with the story's synopsis, you can check it out here.

The one book that is under 'Other' is the one book that has a story behind the story. It was given to me from my mother. She said that she saw it was only $1 so she got it for me. At first, once I read the synopsis, I thought it was totally ironic and hilariously stupid. The day before, we where talking about losing weight and trying to diet, and eat healthy. My sister was calling me fat, my little brother was calling me my new nickname 'moo-moo', and everybody laughed. All the while I was eating my breakfast (I can never catch a break). But it doesn't really bother me because I know I'm fat, and they are too (I do wish that nickname went away though). The Stone Girl is about a girl with anorexia or bulimia. I think its both. I know bulimia is binge eating and then spouting it right back out. Anorexia is not eating, skipping meals, over exercising, or abusing laxatives. I know the basics about those disorders, but I suggest looking it up to get a more accurate or medical explanation. The whole time I was thinking to myself, great. I shake my head and contemplate on whether or not I'll read it anytime soon. I told my mom about it and she laughed too. I for one, would never, never go down that road. Heck, I love food too much. I can't exercise at the moment because I have a ruptured ACL, etc. Plus, I have brittle bones, so I've sprained and broken a few just by walking. Oh, and I am low on Vitamin D (not enough sun) so that explains my brittle bones. I am not that ashamed of my body, and I know I'll find someone who'll love my voluptuous self! I still think its pretty funny how that happened, but I do take the issue the book is discussing very serious. I know there is a toll-free number people can call for when they have self-harming thoughts, so if you do, call that number!

On a lighter note, I previously posted about receiving Rain in the mail. I AM SO HAPPY!!!! I remember picking up the first book in the series when I went to the beach in Corpus. And I had actually sprained my ankle that day, now that I recall. That was why I was able to get a book, because I wasn't able to play volleyball or get in the water (not that I would anyway, I hate the wet sand in my toes and up my butt crack). We had went to H-E-B for some stuff and I saw the cover... GORGEOUS! I knew I had to get it. I am in love with Japanese culture. And I could tell from the cove that it had something to do with art (I draw a bit) and Asian culture. It just so happened to be one of my favorite Asian cultures (so far its Korean, Malayan, Filipino, Thailand , and Japanese). I literally wanted to marry it, or at least be Katie Green and really experience her romance with a hot sexy Japanese guy. Unfortunately, I am unable to read the second book just yet because I have others ahead in line. Once I am free though, I will devour it whole, and then go back and dissect it. Every last word. This book will more than likely be in my August TBR so be on the look out!

The other books I am sad to say I don't know what they are about. I know a little about You Can Love Again. I was given to me by the author who is from New Zealand. I still have the package with the stamp on it. I remember when my Grandma gave me the package and telling me where its from. I had no idea I had won the giveaway on Goodreads. I didn't receive a confirmation or anything. To be completely honest, I totally forgot all about it. I opened it up and I was in shock and very happy that I won my very first giveaway. I do plan one reading it but I doubt that it'll be anytime soon, but if I ever find the time to do so, I'll let you know!

I bought Me And The Devil and The Inn at Rose Harbor because they were on sell at the time and had interesting covers, and one of them I read the synopsis. $6 for for a hardcover is such a bargain ya'll!

Personal was a giveaway I entered randomly, but also because I saw the Jack Reacher movie, well, bits of it. So I was pretty stoked to have won the giveaway. It won't be on my TBR any time soon because I know it is an installment in the middle of a series and that's the one thing I don't like. I'll have to start from the beginning of the series and work my way through. When it gets time to do so, I'll let ya'll know!

Well, this is my book haul, I didn't really plan on doing one but I thought I'd be able to give it a go so I did. Look out for my July Wrap-Up coming up soon.

Hope You Enjoyed It!