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Review: Make You Mine (The Dumont Bachelors #1)

17316805Make You Mine by Macy Beckett

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was just so nice and sweet, reading this really gave me a major sweet tooth.

I read this book because I really took a liking to the location setting of this story. Having been to Louisiana before, just reading this gave me a whole different insight, but with a better advantage.

I had some laughs, mentally strangled some characters, mainly Marc, but and at one point Allie as well. I also gave my sympathy whenever Allie had trouble getting through Marc's self condemnation, but also for Marc when Allie could not see that he was honesty trying, and when he finds out the solution and goes for it. I was never put off with all the delicious treats that were mentioned a time or two... Oh! The edible ones too.

I found the family curse complex quite interesting. Especially with the fact that most characters out right denied that they believed in such things, but when thinking to themselves they would also consider the possibility of the curse being real, and it being the cause of the many eventful things that happened. Kudos to Marc's brother, Beau, and Allie's sister, Devyn, for helping them and dropping hints and missing puzzle pieces that made me squirm in my seat for figuring it out before the main character and not being able to tell them straight out.

Hence, the strangling.

In the end, I was able to understand both main characters, Marc and Allie. Where they came from with their reasons why for doing what they did and believed in. It made it more realistic, insecurities and all.
Some parts a bit corny though.

Overall, this was a very cute, funny, and again sweet story that was pretty quick to read and enjoyable. I look forward to read about Marc's brother and Allie's sister in the next book of this series.

3.5 Frogs (Sensual)

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