Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Bookshelf: Transformation Tuesday

Transformation Tuesday


This was my bookshelf in the beginning of June.

I remember going to Goodwill with my Mom, cousin-in-law, and Tia during Fiesta week here in the city and came home with a bunch of books. I didn't really have them in any particular way pertaining to genre or cover, I just kept all the books I first started reading and buying all together on one shelf. Then when new books came along, put them one another shelf. I did keep all my mangas together, and MOST of my pocket-size books together. I believe I only had three, no, four separated from the rest of the group.
And since the four separated were outnumbered by all the other bigger books, my friend, Mr. Penguin, was there to keep the peace, as well as guard the whole bookshelf. He'd leave me hints if someone messed with my books or if anybody got very close to the bookshelf at all. I knew it all.

This is my bookshelf in the beginning of July.

I got even more books for my birthday. So I just HAD to rearrange. I'd sit on my bed and just stare at how my books suddenly looked so cluttered, so disorganized. I finally started to clean it all up. I now have the top shelf dedicated to my pocket-size books and my NA(New Adult) and Erotica books. Oh! And a book my Tia lent to me, I need to read it already so I can give it back.
The next is my main shelf containing all YA (Young Adult) books, except for two that are NA. They were too big for the top shelf.
The next is where I moved Mr. Penguin to. He is now guarding my some of my new YA books that I got, but the whole shelf is YA anyway, plus a Chicken Soup for Preteens. Yeah, I guess it could count too.
Finally, my last bottom shelf is of books my Tia got me, books I needed for school, and other books I don't plan on reading, which you can probably guess which ones they are.
*cough* Behind the pillow *cough*

This is my one bookshelf that I use ONLY for books. I have another bookshelf next to it, but it only has two shelves of books. One shelf has mine and my grandma's textbooks from school, and the other shelf is all my Shojo Beat, Shonen Jump, Weekly Jump, and mangas that I had recently moved from this bookshelf I'm showing y'all. I'll probably do a whole other post for that and maybe include my anime as well.

Well, this is my #TransformationTuesday hope you liked it!. Have a great day!! :]