Friday, July 11, 2014

Review: The Bars That Hold Us

20490673The Bars That Hold Us by Shelly Pratt

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Such a beautiful, beautiful heart-felt story with strong passion and forbidden love. Never read anything like this before!.

I just knew this book was going to be good, and the cover (not the alternative one :/) just caught my eye with the hot and sexy man and the colors (mostly because it was green!. tee-hee) and I immediately fell for it, and knew I had to read the book.

It starts off with our main character, Mercy Cole who is from a family with a long line of Blue Bloods. Cop Family. And usually the case is to more than likely keep it in the family. Her fíance was a cop too. Was. She is still wallowing in sorrow and just down in the gutter since her fíance, Daniel look a bullet for her and unfortunately didn't make it. Her Dad tries to get her to overcome it all and take better care of herself and to basically come back to the world of the living. He tells her about a job offer at a penitentiary. Just so that she can get out and do something. She takes it. This is where she meets Saxon Miles. *squeals* Lord have Mercy *grins*

Cue the forbidden romance!!! :D

No, he's not her boss.
No, he's not her brother.
No, he's not a billionaire.

Yes, he's hot.
Yes, he's sexy.
Yes, he's a bad boy.

He is also an inmate, charged for manslaughter.

Hence the forbidden romance. Duh. *cackles*

I have never read anything with this type of situation before so it was very refreshing and exciting, I mean, just so much anticipation, was having me anxiously biting my nails, siting at the edge of my seat. At the same time I was trying to close myself off, and not get my hopes up because it all felt so surreal. But just like Mercy and Saxon, I fell in love, and felt scared for letting myself. The love scenes really got me fired up! Just the thought of getting caught... *SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE* You'd think I was the one with Saxon. *giggles* (Boy, did I wish!.)

However, I knew something was going to happen. T_T

They are surrounded by criminals for crying out loud!!!

When it turned for the worst, what happened was not what I was already contemplating. It was twisted around. It totally caught me off guard, as well as Mercy and Saxon. In that tragic moment, I felt sucked into both their roles and vividly experienced the fiasco from their point of view. I felt the shock, the anger, the regret, the yearning and longing. It was so heartbreaking and heartwarming and the same time. Like watching something undeniably beautiful break like glass, but even in pieces, still just as beautiful. In the end, my heart really went out to Mercy's father. Even the man that helped Saxon, old man Jessop. I never thought Mercy's father and Saxon were gonna meet.

I really wished the author wrote about resolving the suspicion of who was letting the inmates out and about. Saxon even mentions that he wanted to know who the guy was doing favors for for getting let out at night.

Overall, this story took me to the moon and back, I don't even need NASA ;P Nevertheless, had a blast reading. Great writing. Easy flow. Highly recommended!!!!!

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