Saturday, July 5, 2014

Review: Until Alex

22089015Until Alex by J. Nathan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Beautiful, outstanding, lovely, fantastic!

I absolutely recommend this book!

Beautiful, beautiful well rounded story, extremely heart-felt and filled with many different aspects. The ups and downs were extremely realistic, and each event or occurrence in this story fit together very well.

She's the billionaire.
He's the bad boy.
She's innocent.
He's a player.

She's lonely.
He's lonely.
She's suffered.
He's suffered.

She just can't stay away, and neither can he...

Outstanding characters, with all the right characteristic traits. It made them seem more real than just a depiction from an imagination. A bunch of sass, quirky, and smart-ass comments that not only kept things flowing, but superbly entertaining. The soft moments and mushy-gushy comments were just full of passion, not one ounce of corny-ness/porn-y-ness. Sexy in all the right places, gorgeous inside and out. The main characters complemented one another perfectly. It was really easy and refreshing to be able to sympathize with them for their past experiences and the current situation.
The antagonist was extremely well described and the characteristics were on point. I could feel the negativity, and sense the evilness from the character and literally felt utter disgust and resentment toward them, as well as pity.
A close call for the hero and heroine. The comprehension of the situation was about high school/college level.

Lovely plot!. Cannot think of a better way for this story to turn out. Loved both the pros and cons and everything in between. Very well balanced with the protagonist and the antagonist. Felt strong emotions from both sides. Great choice in vocabulary, easy flow and written with utmost care. The plot never strayed.

Overall, this was just a fantastic read and thoroughly enjoyable. Hope to read some more fantastic work in the near future.

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