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Blog Tour: Review: Mastering the Marquess *GIVEAWAY*

Blog Tour: Mastering the Marquess by Lavinia Kent **GIVEAWAY**

Eager to start, dreading to finish! All sweet and innocent while all-knowing and thriving.

Publication: July 29, 2014 by Loveswept
ISBN: 978-0-553-39416-0

One night of fierce passion and unbound pleasure leaves two strangers craving much more in Lavinia Kent’s sumptuous novel of sensual discovery.
The time has come for the widow Louisa, Lady Brookingston, to move on, but she refuses to remarry at the cost of shaming her late husband’s memory. Their six years together were wedded bliss—even if a war injury prevented him from fulfilling his marital duties. Only one woman can help Louisa: Madame Rouge, the discreet proprietress of a club where London’s elite explore their wildest fantasies.   
Geoffrey, the Marquess of Swanston, has no intention of agreeing to deflower an anonymous virgin. But when Madame Rouge tempts him with the absolute power he’ll have over a woman who knows nothing of carnal delights, he’s intrigued. Control is the one thing he cannot resist—and control is what he loses during his night with the blindfolded beauty. He longs to take her further, to leave his mark upon her perfect behind, but the mystery woman refuses to see him again. Instead Geoffrey reluctantly agrees to take a wife, the widow of his dear friend, Lord Brookingston—fating them both to a wicked surprise.   
Mastering the Marquess is an erotic romance intended for mature audiences.


My rating: 5 of 5 stars

One night was what started it all....

Geoffrey was not ashamed of what his sexual preferences were, just preferred to being discreet with his internal affairs.

Widower, Louisa seeks help ridding herself of her virginity in a discreet arrangement, because already two years after her husband's death, she thought it was time to move on and remarry, as well as have children.

Madam Rouges decides that the Marquess, Geoffrey, would be the best candidate to take care of her.

There was tame, and there was wild.

He had to be in control, she made him lose it.

He had the need to dominate, she felt the desire to submit.

Coming together brought them both into unmarked waters. Many questions were raised, but one thing for certain was the trust they had in one another.

That first night was something that stayed with both way after, even though they didn't know each other's identity. A predicament befalls on Geoffrey's shoulders, forcing him to marry soon. Little did he know that the one he propositioned to was his mystery woman, and the same ignorance goes for Louisa too.

There comfort with one another was indeed very noticeable, but they couldn't figure out why or how that came about. The anticipation was near unbearable. I was kept on my toes throughout and brought to new experiences along with these characters. The vibe I got was a historical Fifty Shades, but way better. There was still that sense of appropriateness society had in that time period, but bring in the modern hype of some BDSM. Exploring the scene, desiring the most sinful encounters, finding pleasure and pain as two sides of the same coin. This brought many things onto a whole other level.

The one character I was truly able to get a feel for was Geoffrey's father. His intentions meant well, but the outcomes of his actions were always a scandal and financially jeopardizing. Louisa talking to him gave me insight on his feelings towards his son and how his thought process, as well as they way society was back then, automatically labeled him incapable of maintaining order. I was able to sympathize with him, as well and grow more connected with Geoffrey and his ugly past.

The one character I truly despised for their antagonist ways was the Countess. I think she would've been diagnosed hysterical in the time period I believe, or was it too early? Surely, her incompetence was obvious, she was delusional and tortured. The Countess is truly a malicious contradiction.

The story was utter perfection that was written beautifully. Each and every single word lead to something great and painted a sweet, sinful, dark, and an intriguing masterpiece.

Overall, this story is a must-read and unique to the fullest! Such an enticing love story filled with everything desirable and more.

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Lavinia Kent is a former two-term president of the Washington Romance Writers and a four-time Romance Writers of America Golden Heart nominee. She lives in Washington, D.C., with her family and an ever-changing menagerie of pets. 

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