Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Review: A Promise Kept

20974863A Promise Kept by Raine Watling

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is about promises, farm life, grief, love, and some Aussies *giggles* (Texans too) This promising story will leave you laughing, and sated.

Reading this story, to me, felt like as if I was there, as well as feel a bit of a connection with the heroine Maggie (I'm from Texas and live in the country too) and reading parts about country life, country music, and not to mention a bit of karaoke *laughs* made it all the better (and fun) to read and understand the story. It was something I could relate to (a bunch of cowboys where I live) *swoons*

And I just have a soft spot for stories that take on a country setting. Just the vibe of it gets me all excited and automatically makes me think of hot sexy cowboys in tight Levi's or Ranglers...*cough* Tucker *cough*

(Shoot, just try to catch and lasso me up) *guffaws*

The love triangle was just over my head. Metaphorically speaking, especially in Tucker's case, since he fell for his best friend's girl. But although Maggie is a widow, they still felt Mick's presence in between them. This story reminded me of Thoughtless by S.C. Stephens because of the the love triangle, messed up childhood, and the Aussie thing.

The only thing that erked me was how Tucker was too much of a coward to voice out his feelings. He certainly took his time. COMMUNICATION is an important key to have in a relationship. Granted, a lot of baggage came with Maggie and it struck him pretty good, so it was a bit understandable. But regardless, still. He took freakin' forever to finally come forward with his love confession to Maggie. And to think he needed that big of a damn wake up call to finally come to his senses. *Huff* Shoot I was yelling at him myself, wanting to step in a slap him for mouthing off, and smack him in the forehead and yell everything Maggie was trying soo hard to tell him.

I did get territorial when Brenda, Tucker's ex-wife showed up *blush* I was already thinking in my head, "Oh, shit...this bitch." *guffaws* and when she was about to leave I was like, " Dang...can't hate her." And mentally sending a punch in Tucker's gut for being such a douche.

Overall this book was very promising and had me laughing my ass off, shedding a few tears, and when I was not yelling my head off at the main characters for doing something stupid, I was squealing in delight as things turned out alright.

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