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Blog Tour: Review: Transformed **GIVEAWAY**

Blog Tour: Review: Transformed by E.V. Fairfall **GIVEAWAY**

Such a wonderful, and beautiful story. Completely awe-inspiring.

Thea, all-mighty Mother Earth, only had one rule to follow above all else, one promise to keep to her brother: never take a human form. She would've kept that promise if it weren't for Brice. He's handsome and confident, but above all he's merciless.
He's also a hunter who has tormented Thea for years. She believes if she could teach Brice compassion, she might finally be able to save her creations and herself from his savage ways. Then she meets Chamber: another hunter.
She soon finds herself fascinated by−and torn between−the two boys: Brice and Chamber. Lost within a torrent of human emotions, Thea starts to lose who she is as she falls in love with the one thing that she's always hated: a hunter… a human.


My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a totally an adventure I'm glad I did not miss.

The storyline was very strong in explanations from the characters, but also held a bit of a mystique vibe which I fell prey too. The author created such a rich plot was such amazing characters. The development was so raw and pure with the many protagonists and antagonists. The main concepts I was able to pull out were life and death, and of love and hate. The scenarios were so enriching, sending a pretty powerful message if you get my drift.

I dived in completely blind, and I recommend anyone to do the same. It will literally open your eyes and make you question things about the book, especially in the middle, and my questions never went unanswered. Except toward the end because I wanted more insight, more to read. However, in a way the questions I still have were indirectly answered, I still feel as if more elaboration is in order. There was always something new being revealed and that was one of the things that kept me engrossed with the story.

I can really feel the author's passion in the writing style which is so easy and simple, but at the same time describing something that is being put into play on a higher comprehension level. Very enlightening with its both light to dark contrast. This has a guideline of something basic, but in turn executed into something more meaningful and pretty amazing.

These characters felt so real, I was able to vividly see them, picture them. As well as understand them, and recognize there true colors for what they were.

Overall, I very much enjoyed this book and look forward to more of this author's work.

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About the Author:

I love to write just as much as I love to read. I try to read a book per week, which doesn't always work out, but it's the thought that counts. Aside from all that I am a huge animal person.
Transformed is my first novel, but it isn't my first publication; I've had several short stories published over the last two years. My main goal as a writer is to explore humanity and to give people something fun to read.

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