Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Review: Yes, Chef!

22586466Yes, Chef! by Lisa Joy

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Very realistic, and crazy and enough to rant about.

Main character, Becca Stone is a reservations girl at a very fancy, extremely famous restaurant that is owned by a famous chef, Damien, who is everything I despise. From from the way he wrongly treats women to the way he thinks he is all but completely innocent. He literally made it to the top of my hit-list, and had me pulling out my hair while I was mentally setting him on fire. Then extinguishing him just to set him on fire again. That is how bad. It wasn't any less for his wife, how can she be the way she is, I just wanted to switch bodies with her to start making right decisions for her. I then thought about how she probably would've done something worse if she were in my body so switching was no longer an option.

Becca Stone is being thrust into the life of catering to these horrible people because Damien's PA, Abigail, is going on vacay. Becca is working so much, she is losing track of time, and much more because she is now permanently Damien's PA. Abigail had been wanting to quit for the longest time and Becca gave her that chance. That should've been more of a sign that Becca was in for some deep shit.

Every single character had something to complain about. That became a never-ending cycle that got real tiring very fast.

I felt that this story was very bitter and cynical than sweet, until the very end. The writing style was something I could not quite exactly follow. I found myself skimming paragraphs and at times skipping a few pages.

So many things went horribly wrong and others were just completely sad and depressing. The whole time, I wanted to stranger Becca for not seeing what was right in front of her. She was necia(sorry, Spanish mixed in here.) and a pendeja. I strangled her every time she made a wrong move, which was almost all the time. I loved her mom though. Gosh did I love her mom, she knew what she was talking about.

Dean was an angel, a miracle, a gift. The best thing in this book, to be totally honest. Finally, things were looking up for a change. Dean was practically the only great person in the story: he was always in a good mood, flirty, sexy, handsome, considerate, passionate, funny, intelligent, successful, and sexy. He was that wonderful and amazing.

There were funny parts, not too much, but just okay. Becca's friend, Samira, was refreshing and quite interesting. Her other friends also worked there with Becca, hence the reason why their complaints were about the same thing, but came from a different person.

I fell head over heels with Italy, and Dean! I'd order myself a Dean with a side of Italia any day. Great food, beautiful language, the community and the environment was such an experience. Ah, love it all...

Overall, this book was an alright read, chic-lit all the way. The outcome of reading this story is me falling in love with Italy. And Dean.

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