Monday, July 21, 2014

Hashtags: #CircleOfBooks


On Instagram, I would see a bunch of people do certain book related hash-tags and a bunch of them are pretty cool and fun.

I started following many people on IG that would have an instagram solely focus on books, or at least have a good amount of pictures of books, or had very awesome pictures of books even though there wasn't much. And then I'd see that everybody knew each other and would tag one another when doing hash-tags. I felt like the odd one out because:
  1. I don't have any friends that like the same things I do. I can't obsess over a hot, sexy male character in a book or have a discussion, nevermind a debate, because my friends think its weird (they already think I'm weird regardless). And they hate reading, or just don't read at all because they don't want to. 
  2. I used to hardly ever post pictures of my books because of reason 1. Nobody reads, so nobody'll like my picture.
  3. Their pictures were so freakin' clear and awesome, I knew mine would stick out like a sore thumb. I can tell that most of the pictures are taken by a real nice camera or iPhone. I have an android.
Now its different.
I talk to a lot of writers, book bloggers, booktubers, publicists, authors, illustrators, etc. I used to feel like I couldn't be a part of this community, and it all started with those hash-tags. I finally did my picture of #CircleOfBooks because one person told me to just try it 'cause its fun! I didn't have to be tagged or know them personally. I just had to interact.

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Inspired By @thebookishgirl