Monday, July 14, 2014

Review: Scandalous Summer Nights

22461686Scandalous Summer Nights by Grace Callaway

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The epitome of Historical Romance in this wonderful Anthology. Every story was its own and written beautifully.

The Widow Vanishes Prequel to the Heart of Enquiry series by Grace Callaway

I absolutely adored it!! Hands down. No questions asked. I really enjoy romance stories around the Victorian era. It just gives a feel of vintage-like love and just the way things were or could've been. The characters were marvelous, both protagonists and antagonists. I completely fell apart when certain words were commonly spoken that gave more feel to the story and added fire to the flames of the aspiring romance like 'randy' and 'beauty' and 'lass'. [They] really played their part. The writing was on point. [I] just couldn't get enough. I am definitely looking forward to the start of the Heart of Enquiry series.

Solo- 4 stars

Scandal Before Sunrise (Novella) Book #1 of The Weekly Scandal series by Sabrina Darby

I didn't get to really enjoy this story very much. I think my dislike is having to do with having taken so long to read this story. I usually love Regency romance, I mean, any historical romance to be honest, but something was a bit odd for me. It put me off in the very beginning. I did like the characters and the plot, but I just feel like something was in my way of getting a better feel of the everything. Nonetheless, great writing, nicely done in with the character dialogue, very intriguing with everyone's characteristics. Although, things didn't start out right as rain, however, I still look forward to the next book of The Weekly Scandal.

Solo- 3 stars

A Highlander's Heart Book #1 of Highland Knights by Jennifer Haymore

Such a sentimental story, absolutely beautiful, and adored the Scottish brogues. This was my first having ever reading something highlander-like, but the only other Scottish bit I've read other than this bit is Grace Callaway's The Widow Vanishes Prequel in the beginning of this anthology. I fell in love with the rekindling romance and new discovery in heading home to one another. I found the part where the men say 'petting' hilarious. They were saying it back and forth to each other and I just felt that they were referring to women as a pet that needs attention, so I just laughed 'cause it sounded funny and a bit odd. Communication is key people! I highly recommend this read and hope to read the rest of this series.

Solo- 4 stars

Lord Lucifer's Disciple of Haberdashers Nights by Sue London

Brilliant, Completely phenomenal, and fairly outrageous! I could not get enough of the masquerade theme and the scandalous rendezvous. Immensely enjoyed the guide and quotes, as well as the amusement each character had throughout the whole situation, it completely held everything in a lighter aspect of living in this time period and the way society was made out to be. Fascinating literary talents here shown overall and best shown its more creative side in the wittiness expressed by the characters and the thoughtfulness in how everything played out. I irrevocably fell for the main characters and their masque'd journey to learning each other and come to love like no other. I give the utmost recommendation to this story.

Solo- 5 stars

How to Lose a Duke in Ten Days Book #1 of What Happens in Scotland by Kate McKinley

Such sexual tension, undoubtedly alluring, scandalous and genuine all in one. I loved the magnetic pull between the main characters. Their infatuation with one another was a fine line between love and hate. The challenging, mischievous heroine was a perfect counterpart to the all male, brooding hero. All along the way they discover that their intentions and assumptions were all wrongly appointed. The hot, scorching romance firing up between them is only just beginning and soon, both will fall into the fiery pits of wondrous pleasure. Lovely plot, everything fit rightfully so. An enticing read all around.

Solo- 4 stars

Miss Amelia Lands a Duke A Prequel to The Caversham Chronicles by Sandy Raven

Incredibly enticing, different from other historical romances I've read, but nonetheless an exceptional read. The sex scenes were getting really close to modern contemporary romance or NA. The characters were aware of their modest conservative ways in their time period in society, but behind closed doors, or the curtains in the confinements of a carriage in this setting, there is no telling what to expect, but to expect something. I loved. For me, it was something wild and excitingly new to the table with the historical setting. Especially with the characters age difference. I was intrigued with their relationship and how they were both considered passed their prime, but at the same time, acted like young lovebirds. The love that transpired was strong, and beautiful. I applaud the author for their magical literary talents. I look forward to reading the rest of The Caversham Chronicles.

Solo- 5 stars

Overall, I felt that I was able to see some connections between stories here and there or maybe trying to paste some parts of history with or parts of history. I do not know but majority of the time I has a blast reading these stories, fell in love more than twice, and drooled over the teasing and love scenes, and laughed off every witty comment I could find. Great work form these all of these authors, I completely recommend'em all.

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