Friday, July 11, 2014

Review: Lex and Lu

22457984Lex and Lu by J. Santiago

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Complete heart-throb, utterly bittersweet, undeniably real!!

The beautiful cover caught me at first sight. the synopsis was soul-catching, literally got me hooked to proceed on to reading the book. This was a beautiful story of two childhood sweethearts who've went through so much so young and having to once again come together to be able to see it all through.

In the very beginning, I felt really confused. It was obvious that I was left out of knowing what was going on. It was totally mind-boggling. The main female character, Lu, was the one with the secret, that every one else knew about. And when mentioning the male character, Lex, it was absolutely clear that he took some part in what happened, but obtuse about the secret. I was put into his shoes. Completely ignorant of what everyone was hiding, but completely aware of being left out.

I was able to relate and understand Lex; his behavior, and thought-process. I was also able to understand Lu and her struggle with letting the truth out as well as feeling deserving of whatever Lex lashed out on her. They were complete opposites. He was a famous soccer player, she was admirably intellectual and just about to graduate with a PhD while still in her early twenties. All of the characters were their own person and struggling with their own part in this family dilemma, even after so many sentences adding up how much they took off their parents.

I felt equally happy and sad, giddy and annoyed, chipper and irritated, angry and gobsmacked at all the things that occurred.

The secrets.
The sex.
The lies.
The love.
The hate.
The regret.
The grief.

It all turned for the better I can assure that, but it does take time for Lex and Lu to gain equilibrium with everything turning on its axis.

This bittersweet love story was marvelously written. Every single page spoke volumes. Many times were fun, hilarious, melancholic, shocking, and beautiful.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this wonderful story, and really appreciate the author's hard work.

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