Monday, June 30, 2014

Review: Wicked Beat (Sinners on Tour #4)

12710096Wicked Beat by Olivia Cunning

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Loved the craziness, blunt, honesty in these characters and had a blast learning the whole time reading. Alot of heated scenes, which were greatly appreciated as well as enjoyed (quite thoroughly I might add ;] ), and the depth of when things went awry, and how they acted and what went on in their minds while experiencing them. Gave me the illusion that I was right along side them throughout their wild ride (with their kink, it was literally). What really got me with adrenalin was when Trey cornered Isaac and got to admit his true nature, but what was really unfortunate was how it was shed to light at the party and how so many emotions were going on at once, it was a situation I'm glad to say I've never been in. Nontheless, shit happens, as I think Eric would so eloquently put it. The cancer issue was a little closer to home and am glad Rebekah does not have to succumb to chemo therapy and gets
to have a future with her new inspire of happiness. Great job this author has done, and I look foward to reading more books written with this author's wonderous skill and talent.

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