Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Review: Letting Go (Surrender Trilogy #1)

18281993Letting Go by Maya Banks

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Repetitive. Corny. Dragging. I was hanging from a thread. Not my cup of tea.

First of all, this took me way too long to finish, and this isn't even that long!!. The reason why it took me so long to even finish was that is repeated a lot of things the characters said. They even repetitively thought about it and the dialogue was either worded differently or the same, nevertheless, I just couldn't take it anymore. So, I would stop torturing myself and read a different book. Whenever I felt confident enough that I could read it carefully, I'd pick it up again. But at times the corny wording became too much so, again, I would have to put it down, however, I was determined to finish. Even when I felt forced to read it, I would take a break, and maybe read something else to spark some interest. After that, than I would go back and continue reading.

The only time this book sparked my own interest was when an argument happened or something bad occurred, because it was something other than corny-ness , and repetitive wording that dragged the whole thing. The end was sadly the best part. Because for one, I was almost done, two for the fact that the characters weren't so corny anymore, and three for the characters actually getting fired up. If it wasn't for the end, this would have been only a 1 star rating, but I gave the benefit of the doubt and let the last part win me over for the 2 star rating. Although, a 2 star seems more fitting, to me... But maybe it was also the fact that read this book in the span of practically one month.
Regardless, I will continue on to the next book in the trilogy and hope it picks up better for me to grasp the writing style and it's contents. This was the worst book I've ever read, out of all the books I have read from this author. It literally went off a cliff and down a mountain. Something seriously went wrong here.
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