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Blog Tour: Review: Inner Fire

Blog Tour: Review: Inner Fire by R.L. Stedman

Bizarrely epic, epically bizarre.

Inner Fire
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‘Maybe it would be better if I started at the beginning.’ Gran watched me carefully. ‘This ability we have; my mother, me. You. We draw heat along our bodies; anger makes us flame.’
When her friend is assaulted, Corinne Peterson can’t help reacting. But she didn’t think and now her hands are burnt, Gran is coming to look after her and, scariest of all, strange men are watching her house. Could they be terrorists? Secret agents? 
It seems that Gran’s idea of a solution is to introduce Corinne to Rowan. Okay, sure, maybe eighteen year old Rowan is gorgeous – but he has his own troubles. And right now, Corinne doesn’t need complications in her life. 
But in a world of surveillance and secrecy, complexity is inevitable. And as the tension mounts Corinne realizes - maybe Gran can help her, after all.
Warning: contains coarse language and sexual references



My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I was very confused in the beginning, maybe it was because I was reading too fast or if whatever was happening in the book fast, but I gathered all that was happening, I just couldn't see the connections between one thing going on to another thing going on. I did read the synopsis, but I forgot parts, and remembered extremely vague bits such as these key words: fire, grandma, boy. Literally that was all I remembered. And that is what this story literally revolves around. However, I still found the dialogue interesting between the characters, thus keeping me from completely disregarding this book. The small sub-topics, or just mentions of things or people here and there aren't totally the sole focus or main cause, but they were still bits and pieces that later on made sense once the author finished providing all the puzzle pieces to allow the reader along with the main character put the puzzle together. One of the small mentions that stood out to me was Malignant Hyperpyrexia; I knew it sounded so familiar, unless its just a made up word and making an ass out of myself. I learnt the term as Hyperthermia instead. Near the end gives a bit of an insight as to how the story came about and tells how that medical condition became part of the story. Very informative, and much appreciated.

The characters...were something else. When I read the name Deepti, I didn't know if to pronounce it as 'Deep-tee' or 'Deep-t-eye', but then I saw the last name and it reassured me on how to properly say the name. My first impression of Rowan got me thinking along the lines of "Oh, he real slick.." And that all got me very suspicious. Threading very lightly is what I wanted to tell the main character, Corrine, but nope, she was a goner because of his green eyes, and so was I. I still had my fair share of eye-rolling and to laugh my ass off when he made one real slick move smh. Oh and let's not forget his spontaneous self and his out-of-the-blue snog. It was WTF-inducing. Hot damn, the romance was pretty fast for me, but me still likey ;) I have to admit, I laughed for many reasons, and one of them was the fact that Rowan actually had a Jamie(Outlander) moment. However, I can include that the story had actual humor to those reasons. However, one line made me snort, chortle and cough at just how bad it sounded to me, but it was irreverent enough to let it slip through the cracks.

It did get better along the way, obviously, because I gladly finished the book. I did at times think that this story was going nowhere, but I was happy to be proved wrong.

Overall, I did enjoy this read, faults and all, because honestly every book has those, but to be able to look past it means that the author was able to get there story across and connect with the reader.

About the Author:

R.L. StedmanA physical therapist by training, Rachel lives in Otago with her husband and two children. She enjoys hiking, cycling and running. And reading, of course.

In 2012 she was shortlisted for the Tom Fitzgibbon Award and was the winner of the Tessa Duder Award for Young Adult Fiction. Her first novel, A Necklace of Souls, was published by HarperCollins in 2013. A Necklace of Souls was made a Storylines Notable Book and awarded Best First Book at the New Zealand Post Book Awards, 2014

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